Team Carp Cabin

Elite team of anglers

Crystal Lakes Fishery

Online presence and advertisement

Our continued partnership with the Crystal Lakes Fishery extends beyond their core business, including the sponsored by them Team Carp Cabin. The TCC offers a membership with a great benefits for anglers — from merch, promotions for the Fishery's services and shop, to events, including abroad.

They were looking at promoting their team online. We proposed using Facebook's marketing, as the most fitting for the goals they want to achieve.

The campaign

Team Carp Cabin Team Carp Cabin

We started with more generic ads, just posting what TCC does and some basic info about the membership. After that we started filling the Facebook page with content - posts with the shop's stock, photos of the team and their activities. Then we started boosting some of those posts.

Our main focus was to bring more people to the page, with the secondary to increase engagement and get some messages inquiring about the team and the stock.

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