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Crystal Lakes Carp Cabin

Crystal Lakes Carp Cabin

Online booking system

DW partnered with Sivon Solutions to create a booking system for the always busy lake-side business. With all wooden cabins booked often for months ahead, Carp Cabins needed a system which could self-manage as much, as it is possible.

The solution

Carp Cabin wanted to achieve two goals - broaden their reach by allowing customers to book online and creating a system to organise all the bookings, from all their booking channels - social media, phone, e-mail and now online.

We've created a whole framework for Carp Cabin, using which they manage their offer with ease. A centralised database for bookings helped them organise their customers across all selling channels. Thanks to the data collected by the system Carp Cabin could modify the range of their services to better care for their customers and optimise renting schedule so no cabin would be left unoccupied.

From the customer's perspective, a lot has changed too. Now thanks to My Account area customers can manage their bookings online - that is including making bookings, modifying and canceling them. New online payments system has improved customer acquisition, as the trust levels have risen with the intrinsic security of online payments. Customers now receive the electronic confirmation of their booking, alongside with the navigation instructions and a personal thank you note.

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